Private Rentals


The cost for a private rental is $150 for 1.5 hours. This includes 1 volunteer to help supervise. Pick a date and time outside of public hours. All volunteers work full time jobs, so we generally cannot guarantee private rentals during the work week (Mon-Fri 9-5).

The YKCC Private Rental Act 

R.S.C., 2015, c.T-7

An Act respecting Private Rentals at the YKCC Bouldering Gym.

In this Act,

“Private rental” means any occasion or event in which people assemble for social interaction.

“Waiver form” means a mandatory legal document that waives a person’s right to seek damages from the YKCC. Anyone climbing at the gym must have a signed waiver form.

  1. This Act applies only in respect to private rentals under the administration of the YKCC.
  2. No private rentals during public hours. It isn’t fair for regular members. Your group may be turned away.
  3. Maximum Group Size – Our typical maximum group size for private rentals is 12 climbers. More than that and there isn’t enough room for everyone to climb at once. Groups larger than 12 can be accommodated by climbing in shifts (half climb, half sit, then switch). Groups climbing in shifts require at least 1 additional adult to supervise and entertain the sitting group. Please let the YKCC know if your group will be larger than 12 climbers.
  4. Group Supervision – Groups up to 7 children require a minimum of 2 adults to supervise. Groups of 8 or more children require 3 adults to supervise.
  5. 1:2 Under 5 Rule – 1 adult is needed for every 2 climbers under 5 years old. The adult must be  within arms reach of the young climbers and be actively spotting them while they climb.
  6. There is no water fountain at the gym, so encourage climbers to bring a water bottle with them. We do have a sink to refill water bottles.
  7. We have a table for snacks. You can bring cake or pizza and eat at the gym.
    • Subject to section 5: Pack in, pack out. Please don’t leave your garbage at the gym.
  8. No outdoor shoes on the wall. We have climbing shoes available for free (child size 11 to adult 12). Climbers may also wear their own indoor shoes if they prefer.
  9. All climbers must arrive at the gym with a completed waiver that has been filled out by a parent/guardian. The waiver can be found here: YKCC Waiver
    • Subject to section 8: Climbers without waiver forms will not be allowed to climb. Please don’t put us in that position.
  10. You can pay by cash or cheque (payable to the Yellowknife Climbing Club) when you come for the party.

Once you have read the above Act, email ykclimbingclub at with the date and time you would like to book!!