New To Bouldering?

YKCC welcomes novice climbers. If you’ve never been on a wall or climbed outdoors before, our bouldering gym is a great first introduction to the sport. Visit during our normal hours and one of our volunteers will show you the gym, fit you with shoes, and set you on your way. You should be up on the wall in just a few minutes.

Our volunteers are happy to provide guidance to new climbers—don’t be afraid to ask! Individual or group lessons are also available if you would like more dedicated instruction. To arrange for lessons, please contact us at ykclimbingclub at

Do I Need Any Equipment?

All you need is a set of clothes that you are comfortable exercising in. Chalk (to help you grip the holds) and climbing shoes are provided for free at the bouldering gym. We have shoes ranging from children’s size 1 to adult size 12.

What Should I Wear While Bouldering?

You will need to be able to stretch and have a good range of motion. Other than that, you should wear your normal exercise clothes. Some people prefer to wear pants or tights to prevent scratches on their legs, but shorts are also fine.

Do I Have to Belay?
There are no ropes at the bouldering gym, so there is no need to belay.

Do I Need A Partner To Climb?

Nope! Since there is no belaying, you can come to the bouldering gym on your own. Climbing is a great social activity, but some members also treat climbing as an individual workout.

Are Families/Children Welcome?

Yes! Climbing is a fun activity for the whole family. We do ask that children under the age of 13 be accompanied by an adult, with at least 1 adult for every 2 children. If you want to bring a large group of children to the gym, such as for a birthday party, you must rent the gym for a private session.

What If I/My Child Is Afraid of Heights?

A fear of heights is fairly common and shouldn’t prevent you or your child from enjoying our bouldering gym. You are always in control of how high you want to climb. We have created novice and advanced routes that traverse along the walls without gaining much height. You are also free to climb wherever you want, without having to stick to a specific route. As you become more comfortable with heights, you can begin to climb higher and attempt more advanced maneuvers.

Is Climbing Safe?

The YKCC strives to make climbing as safe as possible. Like most physical activities, there is some inherent risk to climbing, but the limited height of our bouldering wall and extensive crash pads means that the risk of injury from a fall is low. We encourage climbers to exercise good judgement while climbing, and for parents to stay within arm’s reach of young children. To ensure the safety of other guests, our volunteers may ask people climbing in a dangerous manner to leave the gym.

If you still have questions, please contact us at  ykclimbingclub at