Comp 2016 Winners

Congratulations to our competition winners, and thank you to all who came out to climb.

Girls – Jasmine Sleno
Boys – Alexander Dunlop

Beginner Women – Ariel Holmwood-Bramwell
Beginner Men – Josh Long

Intermediate Women – Isabelle de Grandpre
Intermediate Men – Jean-Michel Hivon

Expert Women – Shannon Jennings
Expert Men – River Sleno

Air North Draw Winner
Curtis Herritt

If you haven’t climbed the new routes yet, stop by the gym and check them out!

Our Mystery Route Setter Revealed

Our mystery route setter is… Dustin Curtis!

dcsetDustin is the head route setter for the Calgary Climbing Centre, and was formerly the head route setter for The Hive in Vancouver. His accomplishments during 15 years of route setting include:

  • Chief Route Setter – 2014 and 2016 Canadian Boulder National Championship
  • Apprentice Route Setter – Hamilton Boulder World Cup
  • Route setter at 40+ CEC events

As a climber, Dustin has competed for the Canadian National Climbing Team at 8 Boulder World Cups. Needless to say, the YKCC is proud to welcome Dustin as our route setter for this year’s competition.

Interested in climbing Dustin’s routes? Find out more about our competition.

Who Is Our Mystery Route Setter?

Mystery Route Setter

Some say he sets routes in his sleep, and eats T-nuts for breakfast.

Some say he was harnessed to a wall at birth, and didn’t tread upon the ground until manhood.

Some say he can breathe climbing chalk the way mortal men breathe air.

All we know is… he’s our mystery route setter.

Interested in climbing our setter’s routes? Find out more about our competition.