Ravine accessMake sure you bring your helmet and bug jacket. The range of difficulty is 5.7 – 5.9

Directions by car: Take the Ingraham Trail north from Yellowknife.Park your car before the intersection. Descend down the ski club trail into the small valley. Follow the trail while looking for the crag to your right. It is about 400 metres from the road. Alternately you can come in from Niven. The route has been flagged with orange tap once it leaves the main trail – which is just past the last of the town houses.

Directions by boat: Come across Back Bay and dock near the houseboat. Follow the trail up past Back Bay Cemetery. The crag is on your left.

Please see this blog post for bouldering information.

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A. Ravine (5.6)
B. Couteau Jaune
C. The Norseman (5.8)
D. Kraft Dinner (5.9)
E. Project1
F. Project2
G. Project3
H. Project4
I. The Mosquitoes
J. Ski Club (5.7)





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