Thanks for all the help!

To all the Yellowknife Climbing Club members who have supported our efforts to get a new climbing wall – especially everyone who showed their support by coming to city hall and donning club attire on Dec. 8 – thanks!

Council decided to support the club’s bid for a new climbing wall and is contributing $160,000 to the cause.

The project is estimated to cost $232,050 to build, and the YKCC has approximately $20,000 to donate immediately. The next step will be to raise the remaining $52,000 needed for the project.



City budgets $160K for climbing wall at Yellowknife Fieldhouse

New Wall Proposal Passes Municipal Services Committee

Reminder: gym is closed tomorrow and Friday for cleaning and route setting. Comp on Saturday! Volunteers, come out the gym tonight for pizza and a cleaning party.

And now for some good news: YKCC President Eric Binion presented our new wall proposal to the Yellowknife Municipal Services Committee (MSC) on Monday. The presentation was successful and inclusion of our proposal into the city budget will be voted on by Council on September 26. Way to go Eric! Way to go MSC!

Click here for our proposal for a new gym in the lobby of the Fieldhouse.

City of YK Budget Input

Hello Climbers,

The city if asking for input on the 2017 Budget. It is a 2 page (~8 question survey).

One of the questions is in regard to spending for recreational facilities. As you may remember, we presented at council about a month ago regarding our proposal to build a larger climbing gym in the Fieldhouse. We would love it so so so much if you would fill out the survey and express your support for the new gym.

You can find the survey here:

Thank you!

We Need Your Support on May 24

Friends, Boulderers, Top Ropers, lend me your ears! And your presence in front of Yellowknife City Council – wearing YKCC shirts, of course.

As discussed at our Crazy Like a Fox event, we will be going to City Hall on  Tuesday, May 24 to present our idea for a new climbing gym in Yellowknife. We ask that YKCC members attend to show support for this proposal.

The more members we have standing behind our presenters, the more evident it will be to councilors that climbing isn’t a fringe activity and instead has a real following in this city.

What: Municipal Services Committee
Where: City Hall Council Chamber
When: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 12:05 PM
Dress Code: YKCC T-Shirts (preferred, but not mandatory)

2015-12-01 - Lobby Render Final (1)

If you are interested you can read over our draft proposal:
Final YKCC proposal to the City of Yellowknife (May 2016) small