MEC Community Investment Fund


The YKCC would like to thank Mountain Equipment Co-operative (MEC) for their support in providing funding and gear for our 2016 outdoor rock climbing instruction and course. The YKCC will be able to provide top notch training for its members and volunteers along with supplying the appropriate safety gear and equipment that will continue to build our capacity and increase the sport of outdoor climbing in the Yellowknife area.

Through MEC’s Community Investment Fund, the YKCC acquired:

  • 6 x harness
  • 3 x ATC
  • 16 x locking carabiner
  • 12 x quickdraw
  • 3 x 70 m rope
  • 6 x helmet
  • 4 x sling
  • 4 x daisy chain
  • 2 x duffle bag

The YKCC will run outdoor climbing trips for members after the MEC sponsored July 9-10 training session.


We Need Your Support on May 24

Friends, Boulderers, Top Ropers, lend me your ears! And your presence in front of Yellowknife City Council – wearing YKCC shirts, of course.

As discussed at our Crazy Like a Fox event, we will be going to City Hall on  Tuesday, May 24 to present our idea for a new climbing gym in Yellowknife. We ask that YKCC members attend to show support for this proposal.

The more members we have standing behind our presenters, the more evident it will be to councilors that climbing isn’t a fringe activity and instead has a real following in this city.

What: Municipal Services Committee
Where: City Hall Council Chamber
When: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 12:05 PM
Dress Code: YKCC T-Shirts (preferred, but not mandatory)

2015-12-01 - Lobby Render Final (1)

If you are interested you can read over our draft proposal:
Final YKCC proposal to the City of Yellowknife (May 2016) small